Team Warwick

University of Warwick Storming The Opposition

The Midlands Regional Apprentice took place over the weekend of 4th and 5th May with 3 teams on board – Coventry University, Aston University and University of Warwick. Teams competed in 2 innovation challenges over the weekend.

For the first task, teams were asked to design a set of business strategies on how to sell the entire company which aimed at selling student discount cards to investors. Teams were asked to present their ideas and pitch to the co-founder of Splat Card and the President of Warwick Entrepreneurs Society.  For task 2, teams had 4 hours to film a teaser for Club Cardio that is to be launched in Universities for promotional use and present to the Executives in Club Cardio and the Warwick Apprentice Director.

Team Aston dropped out from the challenge in day one leaving Team Warwick and Team Coventry to compete. Both teams showed incredible dedication and innovative ability. However, Team Warwick turned out to be more adaptive and was announced as the winning team going through to the National Finals.

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